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What is a Darkcoin and WHY you need get some TODAY!

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Darkcoin is another altcoin that’s a derivative of Bitcoin that’s hitting the moon in the last 30 days or so.

In the last 30 days or so, the value of Darkcoin has gone up 10-fold. That means if you invested $1000 last month, you would have already made $9000!

As of this afternoon “today”, Darkcoin has also eclipsed every other altcoin except Litecoin, bypassing the utmost-popular Dogecoin and even Peercoin which was at #3 at CoinMarketCap.com. Darkccoin is at $58.7 million market cap “right now” but I suspect it will be higher by the time you read this. (If so, we are on the right track and I must be right!)

Now, why is this Darkcoin so popular and going up?

Darkcoin features this new 100% anonymous feature called “Darksend”. With a Darkcoin wallet you have an option to use “Darksend” to send money to others OR you can also send the regular way, just like how Bitcoin and Litecoin work.

There’s been way too many regulation by the government. Whether Charlie Shrem did in fact broke the law or didn’t, the fact is that Bitcoin is still not 100% anonymous, which is supposed to be the highlight of using Bitcoins.

Well, Darkcoin has solved that issue. It’s not 100% tested yet but I have been following Darkcoin team for awhile now and I can see that they have been finalizing their works with their “testnet”. (Testnet is a test network of fake coins to test the Darkcoin DarkSend feature.)

Overall, I believe the future of Bitcoin is Darkcoin. Just like BBS and modem evolved one day to internet, Darkcoin is a new revolution that finalizes how digital currency works without any central government/organization being able to track where and who sends money.

Think of it this way, cash has always been great because the government cannot track where cash goes. Many restaurant owners do not report their tips by their waiters because it’s already 100% anonymous in a sense. That digital “cash” is Darkcoin, not Bitcoin.

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16 thoughts on “What is a Darkcoin and WHY you need get some TODAY!

  1. Jesse

    How do I set up a master node?
    Do I need to rent space for it?

    Other than buying 1000 drk, what else is involved?

    I know you mentioned a Linux computer,

    Once you have your 1000 DRK and a Linux computer either local or space rented,
    What software (dark send) ? Do you need to install ?

    Is there a how to, step by step anywhere on the inter webs ?

    I’m trying to get high on coins, need help Max!!

    1. Max Lee Post author

      I should have a guide on it soon bud, it’s a bit complicated but will have step-by-step tutorial.

    1. Max Lee Post author

      You need a compiled version of SGminer for mining Darkcoins. I should have a new image uploaded soon.

  2. CSharpner

    How do I start mining Darkcoin on Windows? The downloads they have here: http://www.darkcoin.io/mining.html
    Have useful instructions, unfortunately.

    1. CSharpner

      Sorry, I left out a very important word… have “NO” useful instructions. Update: Using instructions for similar programs, I got it running. Now we’ll see if I got it right by checking my wallet to see if I get any new coins in the next day or two.

  3. Micah

    Do you have any pointers for setting up sgminer with x11 on linux. I’m trying to compile the files and i’m just missing a step or something because I can’t get it to work. I see you said you were compiling and image for the sgfiles. Thanks in advance Max you’re awesome!

  4. Jehu

    I’m no linux expert but this is what I did to get it to work…had a really hard time but it worked.
    Good luck
    sudo apt-get install -y boinc-amd-opencl automake autoconf opencl-headers
    sudo apt-get install -y libcurl4-openssl-dev libtool libncurses5-dev autoreconf
    sudo apt-get install ocl-icd-opencl-dev
    sudo apt-get install libtool
    sudo apt-get install git
    Download ADL_SDK_6.0 from AMD website, extract the files and copy all the files with .h extensions (adl_defines.h adl_sdk.h adl_structures.h) from the /include folder to sph-sgminer ADL_SDK folder
    git clone https://github.com/lasybear/sph-sgminer_x11mod.git or this version (both seems to work the same) git clone https://github.com/prettyhatemachine/sph-sgminer.git
    cd sph-sgminer_x11mod or sph-sgminer

      1. CSharpner

        There was a problem with the fork when activating the masternodes. Not to worry. They’re fixing it. This is a temporary problem. Good time to buy now too.

  5. sandy

    thats very cool i like the part of not being able to see where dark coins come from!
    i am going to start mining it RIGHT NOW, I don’t think i mine much with my 34 kh/s gpu but it can help me buy a better rig 🙂

  6. Steven West

    Max, what’s up with darkcoins? I’ve got 145 dark invested right now… and .5 btc , bitcoin is doing really great, as far as a investment, it looks very good. I’ve got my majority of $ in darkcoin right now… any advice you could give me would be great! Maybe help comfort my soul inside that is crying right now lol daaaaarrrkkkkcoooinnn whyyyyyy whyyyyyy kidding

  7. Steven West

    I love darkcoin. I hope they go all the way and to the moooon!! Please darkcoin! ! Please! ! Darrrrrkcoiiiiiiiiin help meeeee

  8. Steven West

    I originally invested 3 btc , $1826.97 . Originally invested it all into darkcoin. I’ve pretty much lost over .5 bitcoin right now . My 145 dark is worth 1.8 bitcoin and I’ve got .5 saved in bitcoin to see if that will at least help me not loose so much .. This is my first investment. . So it’s definitely gonna be a learning experience and test run for me doing this kind of thing…


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