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How to Make Stackable Tower Gridseed Rig with Raspberry Pi! [Pre-built CGminer]

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For those of you who are thinking about making your own Gridseed rig for Scrypt mining (for Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc…etc…), you may want to make them into stackable “towers”.

Initially, I’ve built my Gridseed rig using a standard motherboard and Ubuntu linux with a custom frame but I realize this is very time-consuming and tedious.  Besides that, when you have multiple Gridseeds running at the same time, the fans on them get pretty loud.  It was loud enough where the bass of the sound was overwhelming even my R9 290X rigs, which were the loudest in my house.

Well, yesterday, I thought of taking the fans out and somehow making them quickly and easily while using less energy.  After couple hours of brainstorming, an idea hit my head, why not stack them like a tower?

The end result?  I was able to cut the amount of energy in half (from 8 watts to 4 watts per Gridseed without fan), and also build it with Raspberry Pi.

If you want to build your own, I’ve even built an optimized Raspberry Pi image, which contains a fully-compiled/pre-built CGminer along with auto-restart script and watchdog feature turned on.  You will be able to quickly setup a new Gridseed rig in matter of minutes with this image.

Step 1. You will need the following parts:

Gridseeds (I ordered them from ZoomHash.com, they have pretty good prices.  I suggest only buying the Gridseeds by themselves and buy parts you need separately as outlined on this page.)

1 CCTV 12V 7A Power Supply (I recommend 1 of these up to 10 Gridseeds, it can handle up to 20 but I don’t recommend it as the Power Supply gets real hot and may die or start fires.)  These come with 1-8 DC power splitters, you can get additional ones here.

Raspberry Pi – This is the brains you need.  Also get a clear case for it.  I recommend no more than 20 Gridseeds per Raspberry Pi, anymore than that it’s not stable.

8GB Class 10 SD card – I recommend using a fast Class 10 SD card as everything work faster and also more stable for the long run.

10 port USB 2.0 hub – I recommend getting the 10-port USB 2.0 hubs.  I have tried using 20-port or 24-port but have found that they are unstable and can cause problems.  Just get more 10-port hubs if you need more.

USB mini cable – You will need 1 per Gridseed obviously.

Step 2. You will need to unscrew the fan and the fan metal holder.  Clip the fan wires (red and black) so you have about 1/2-inch of space.  You will need to put a tiny strip of electrical tape around the red wire so it does not short out.


Step 3. You will want to pull the metal fins to make room for zip ties.


Step 4. Repeat Step 2-3 for all of your Gridseeds and stack them as high as you like.  Then put zip-ties around it to keep them together.

Step 5. Plug in all of your cables for power and USB.  Then you can zip tie the USB cables to make them look neat.

Step 6. Plug in all of your USB cables to your USB hubs then your a cable from each of USB hub to your Raspberry Pi.

Step 7. Next, download the HighOnCoins Gridseed image and flash to your SD card using Win32DiskImager.   (You can also use DD with Linux/Mac but that’s outside the scope of this tutorial, just Google it.)

Download HighOnCoins Gridseed image with Pre-built CGminer

Download Win32DiskImager

Step 8. Put the new SD card with HighOnCoins Gridseed image into your Raspberry Pi and turn it on by connecting a micro-USB cable to it.

You can connect to the Raspberry Pi by connecting a DVI cable to a monitor and a keyboard via USB.  OR my preferred method is to connect an ethernet cable to your router then remotely SSH (using Putty or terminal), you can check for the IP address by checking your router’s LAN status.

Connect to Raspberry Pi using the following credentials:

id: root
password: raspberry

*Note – I used root user for Raspberry Pi as the USB-based Gridseeds require a lot of root access and it’s just pain in the butt to enter your password everytime you use sudo.

Step 9. Once connected, you can type “nano /root/cgminer/cgminer.conf” to edit the cgminer configuration files.  There you will be able to change the pool info to yours.  Save when done.

Step 10. To start the cgminer, simply type, “sh test.sh”.  If you see “FAILED!”, it means it’s successful. (Sorry I forgot to edit that part while writing the script.)  This will run cgminer in the background.

Step 11. To actually see cgminer running, type “cgm”.  To get out of it, press Ctrl + a + d.


Step 12. Once you get everything working great, you can enable auto-start script, which will start cgminer automatically upon boot, power-failure, lock-up, etc…etc…

Type “nano /etc/cron.d/saupdate” and remove the “#” from the first line and save.

Once that’s done, cron job will automatically check every minute for cgminer and start it if its not running.

I’ve also enabled the watchdog timer on the Raspberry Pi so your Pi will restart upon any lock-ups, which was crucial to getting my new rig running 24/7.

Step 13. That’s pretty much it.  Make sure you put a fan to the towers so it will cool them.


You can change the /”root/cgminer/cgminer.conf” file to your liking, such as changing 850Mhz to higher or lower but I recommend 850Mhz, I think it’s the optimal frequency for about 360Kh/s per Gridseed.

MANDATORY UPDATE April 30th 2014: There’s a way to prevent freezing Raspberry Pi for good, do:

sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

Then add the line at the end of the line (do not make a new line!!):


After that reboot by typing:

sudo reboot

This prevented most of reboots on the Raspberry Pi so you should get more hashing power!


Q: Are Gridseed rigs worth building?
A: “Right now”, they are probably the most efficient at mining Litecoin/Dogecoin and other Scrypt-based coins as the cost per megahash is around same or even lower than graphic cards.  Also, Gridseeds require almost zero energy in comparison to graphic card rigs, so if electricity is expensive or limited (like running rigs in your house instead of a commercial warehouse), Gridseeds are way to go.

Q: What about when KNC releases their 250Mh Scrypt miners?
A: Well, that will obviously change the Scrypt market but KNC miners are not out “right now” and their promise to deliver Q2/Q3 2014 is a bit too early.  I would say earliest they ship would be maybe December 2014, but that’s just my guess.  If the market gets flooded with new ASICs, the value of coins will also skyrocket.  It will obviously be hard to make as much money when difficulty rises but if you mine “right now”, you will benefit from the price jump.

Plus, if you put all your money on ASIC pre-orders, your ASIC machine will probably be outdated by the time you get it and making very little as everyone else will have ASICs by then.  ASIC companies are out there to make money off the ASIC machines, not to help consumers make money from mining.

Q: What about graphic card rigs?
A: Graphic card rigs are still the best way to go as you can sell the graphic cards on eBay later when your rigs get outdated plus there’s new coins like Vertcoins, which are essentically ASIC-proof, graphic card rigs will always have best ROI and least risk but you do need a ton of electricity and cheap rates. (My warehouse rates are around 15 cents per k/w, my house rates are around 35 cents per k/w.  I don’t run graphic card rigs in my house except a couple as heaters.)


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164 thoughts on “How to Make Stackable Tower Gridseed Rig with Raspberry Pi! [Pre-built CGminer]

  1. david

    As always, great video, congrats… Plus thank you very much for sharing all of your hard work.

    Have a nice day & greetings from Belgium

    1. Max Lee Post author

      I wouldn’t go ALL-in on Gridseeds, I would do 50/50 with graphic cards and gridseeds. If you just building one or two, go with graphic card rigs as Vertcoins are still ASIC-proof and may allow you to profit for many more years.

      Gridseeds are great though if your electricity is expensive or you live in hot weather.

      1. Sol

        Thanks for that, makes sense.
        Ive got a gpu rig already but was considering some gridseeds, will look into more for sure just because of the power saving.

      2. Kent

        wouldn’t the tower design be dangerous, if accidentally you start with SHA mode you burn the gridseed instantly?

  2. Mike

    Hi Max,

    I’ve got some gridseeds arriving today, 3 days is all it took. Great service from zoomhash

    The IMG download seems to have been taken down. I’m getting page is temporarily unavailable.


    1. Max Lee Post author

      I am going to upload them to other file sites tomorrow but for right now it seems like everyone is trying to download it as the same time, i might have to build a new download rig soon.

      1. Matt

        Hi Max,

        Awesome tutorial. Is the disk image still available to download? I’m getting an error when I follow the link on this page, after I enter the captcha and press the download button.

        Thanks in advance

  3. Cy

    You are a fantastic teacher. I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me. I absolutely love my rig… It runs perfectly and is pretty constant at 360 + KH/s per seed. I’ve seen 390 to 425 on the pool. This is so much better than giving anything ($) to the electric corp’s.
    This is so nice in the HOT state I live in as the temps in the summer are near 100 deg. and the cost of electric is up there as well.
    I am enjoying the low noise level and building my coin stash so when the value is up I too will be “HIGH ON COINS”.. As if I’m not already.

  4. Zac

    Yo, if anyone has a solution to this, I would be very grateful.

    I have one gridseed hooked up to my GPU rig and I keep getting this error after an hour or so. Anyone have a solution?


    Using these WinUSB drivers http://zadig.akeo.ie/

    I think it may have something to do with my version of cgminer, but any help is appreciated!


    1. Max Lee Post author

      Try it now, I fixed the issue:

  5. Mo Volans

    Hi Max, This has been really helpful as I’m setting up my first Gridseed Rig 😉 I was wondering about the PSU… Most places sell larger 360watt models to power 10 miners. Have you found the smaller CCTV model you are using to be ok in the long run? I’d prefer to go with the smaller kind you use but just worried about load… does yours get very hot etc?

    I am looking at this one here in the UK (plus another 8 way splitter to get me to 10 miners)


    Let me know your thoughts 😉 and thanks again!!

  6. peter


    i have my gridseeds modded with the latest R52 replacement mod. So i run them on 1150Mhz Does your image support also modded gridseeds?

  7. Jehu

    Can you do a Vertcoin how to step by step for Ubuntu please…can’t find any good instructions for Linux. I have your Ubuntu litecoin rig running and want to also mine Vertcoins on the same rig.


  8. nick

    I edited the cgminer.conf file to change the individual frequencies for each GSD, but it doens’t work:
    “gridseed-freq”: “6D6F22884857=850,6D741F7B4853=850,6D72445F5748=850,6D7233A94853=850”,

    Also this command doens’t work: –gridseed-freq 6D8848825650=825

    Thoughts on how to resolve?

    1. chmick

      Hi this command is interesting.

      I try to di the same to change number of chips per device ( because i also use gridseed blade)
      Do you know a way do do that ?

  9. JK

    The download was taking 6 hours but it disconnected at 2 hours. Is it possible to get this hosted somewhere else? I can paypal you for the efforts.

  10. MM

    I downloaded the image (you have a slow connection) and burned it to an sandisk sdhc 8gb (and others for testing purposes). I could NOT get the RPI to boot. I could not see anything on the monitor. The RPI does work as I have tested it with another image I burned from minereu (that uses cpuminer) and with the stock raspbian os that came with it. The md5 for the img file on my drive is 6ccb112afa525789e5896347a5c18b84. Could you verify that the img is correct? Any tips? Any instructions on installing/building cgminer manually? Thanks for your great contributions.

    1. MM

      Can someone who successfully burned Max’s image to an sd card provide me with an MD5 hash of the img file? Really want to find out why the img I down loaded (twice) wont work.

      As a follow-up, I downloaded the cgminer-gc3355 from the link Max mentioned on to a stock raspbian image (that comes with the raspberry) and got it working with ten 5-chip gridseeds. So far so good. Will be adding more soon.

    2. MM

      Followup: The problem with the monitor was strange. As noted below by Michael, the monitor wont initially work. You have to plug in an eth wire, boot with no monitor working, figure out the ip assigned, ssh in and do a sudo reboot. The reboot will cause the monitor to start working. Very strange.

  11. Abeni G

    Wow!! Thank you for an excellent post!!!

    The fan noise was deafening and this is the solution!

    Quick question – I have four, 5-chip Gridseeds and 0ne, 1-chip Gridseed on a usb device called a dualminer, scrypt only kind.

    I control the 5-chip Gridseeds with a Pi that’s connected to a usb hub.

    I want to plug the 1-chip Gridseed Dualminer in the usb hub and put it’s 70kh/s, at 850, to work.

    Can I use a 1-chip Gridseed on the same usb hub with the 5-chips to mine?

    So far I’ve had no luck.

    Do I need a specific version of a mining software or do I need to add specific commands?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  12. Matt

    Is the image file just so the PI can boot into the OS?

    Also I think your host died for the img file. Why not host it on highoncoins?

  13. The Albatross

    Thanks for putting this together.

    I continue trying to use your image and I am using the exact hardware you specify here. However I continually get segmentation faults with CGminer when running only 10 units on 1 pi.
    Do you have any experience debugging this issue?


  14. Joe9

    Thanks for putting together this excellent write-up. I’ve been running 20 GSD off each RPi for the past 3 days and have only noticed 1 problem so far. The auto-start/polling didn’t kick in so I had to ssh into the RPi and restart ‘sh test.sh’. Typing cgm would just tell me no screen is attached ie not running. The other RPis are fine though. Which file is the auto restart/polling one? I could then compare it to the other working ones.

    Awesome work!

      1. Joe9

        Yes I did, that’s what’s got me stumped. Although it seems to be working ok again hmm. I’ll keep an eye on it I guess. Thanks for the reply

  15. Mo Volans

    Hey again Max… will this work with the 80 chip Gridseed Blades? I know they have the same USB controllers just wanted to know if all chips etc will be recognised 😉 thanks! Mo

    1. Max Lee Post author

      yes should work fine as they are gridseeds also i have gridseed blades coming later this week i should have an update about that.

      1. Kent

        is it worth getting 80 Chip blade gridseed instead of 5 chip ones? I heard the chance of board blowing up on 80 chip is higher that you could lose lots of hash rates at onces.

        1. Max Lee Post author

          I am thinking it may work better since I am having around 15% rate of defective gridseeds. So long as the 80-chip works 100% out of the box, it may work fine. Also less setup time required for the blades vs. regular gridseeds I have to do fan-removal work. But I should have an update, they are coming by next Tuesday.

          1. Kent

            do you recommend using PC windows 7 for blades, I am running my gridseed 5 chips on it and it works fine, I am not sure if these blades work okay, do you generally recommend windows PC? I have one and I thought to make use of it
            do you know blade works with windows system?

  16. Yasin

    Hi, ZoomHash can deliver this products to Turkey ? ı m from turkey and ı wonder they can ship to turkey in 3-4 days or not . do you have any ideas about that ?

  17. Joe9

    Just something I noticed. If you want use multipools with your RPi image you will have to edit the config file. Remove ‘no submit stales’ so it defaults to submitting. Due to coin switching multipool mechanics, you’ll end up not submitting work for prior coins when it switches coins even though *that* work is still valid.

    One thing I would love is the ability to set some of the GSD frequencies manually. It seems the version of cgm compiled on your RPi image doesn’t have the patch for that. Unless I’ve been using the wrong syntax?

    Look forward to your Blade review. Apparently you should be able to run 10 blades off of 1 RPi. 10 blades…50MH/sec…yum

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Oh thx for that, I don’t use multipools but definitely that can help.

      You can change the GSD frequencies using the config file not sure if you can do it individually though. Let me look into it. You can also use 3rd party cgminer software to do the API, that may allow you to switch frequency more easily. I should have an update on that too.

      I used this CGminer here: https://github.com/dtbartle/cgminer-gc3355

      So everything you can do with that CGminer, you should be able to do elsewhere.

      1. Joe9

        Googling around a bit I found:


        looks like this patch is needed for specifying individual GSD frequencies.

  18. Yasin


    How about this site ? is this legit or scam ? and are they customer satisfy with this site ?

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Not sure on the site but Gridseed price have been falling near $100 lately so it seems pretty legit as far as price goes.

    2. Kent

      always use pseudo credit card number, some banks let you do that. For example Bank of America lets you pseudo generate new visa numbers from your card and use them to make purchases, you can set limit and then discard the number once the purchase is done. That way your info isn’t compromised and you can stop limit the pseudo card number anytime.

    3. chmick

      I bought gridseed blade from them (i’m in europe)

      They had some trouble with the delivery . So as commercial gesture . they sent me an extra 5 chips gridseed .

      So far so good .

  19. Randy

    Thanks for the img file for the gridseed setup for RPi. I have 11 running right now and also have a Gridseed blade coming next week. Not sure if I can hook that up directly to the rig I have running right now or not as it would “16” new gridseeds to the RPi. I will try it out when I get but look forward to your testing as well.

    Thanks again!

    1. Matthew

      I too have blades coming and was wondering the same if the will behave like 2 miners and not give grief on a raspi.. Keep us updated if yours arrives 1st. 😉

  20. Matthew McGrew

    Thanks a bunch highcoin man! Your build was the secret to success. Been working on stability with different images and nothing quite does it right. Yours is simple, elegant, and has two of the key features to success.


  21. Dan

    I know that I will probably have people hissing at me, holding crosses and making the evil eye my way, but I want to dual min with my gridseeds. I’ve read that I can use cgminer for the scrypt and bfgminer for the bitcoin. My questions are how and where do I load it into the raspberry pi? How do I set it up like you have cgminer setup so if the gridseeds start messing up the pi will restart them or do a reboot? I know enough about linux to be dangerous without clear instructions. I have downloaded your version of the os for the pi and have it loaded and running. I didn’t want to setup cgminer until I had heard from you on how you would set up bfgminer first. I would hate to make things harder for you when you are doing me the favor.
    I do have one running right now doing dual mining on my laptop running ubuntu, every 12 hours or so I have to restart them and when I read your tutorial on using the pi I ordered one right away. It was a pain in the rump trying to setup this first one on my own and having to try and track things down all over the net.

    Thank you

  22. Randy

    I think my Gridseed blades will be here tomorrow or Tuesday. I found this link for the updated version of cgminer (I will use on windows until I figure out how to incorporate into Pi or Max or someone beats me to it.). This version allows a great range of freq’s and you can increase the number of chips from 5 to 256 as I read it. The Max Lee img has the chip increase option (THANKS MAX, great setup!) but this new version allows more freq options. I found 888Mhz is working well on my gridseed test setup with very few, if any, HW errors. Here’s the link to the Crytomining Blog website for 5 and 80 chip gridseeds. http://cryptomining-blog.com/1990-updated-cgminer-3-7-2-with-support-for-gridseed-5-chip-and-80-chip-gc3355-asics/

    Look forward to more info on the Gridseed blades and any updates to the Raspberry Pi img file.


  23. JackElliot

    Can someone explain to me how amps work? If the adapter is outputting 7 amps, and each GS is consuming 5 amps, how is it possible that there are enough amps to power 2+ GS with one 12v 7amp adapter?

    1. Randy

      5 chip gridseeds consume 7 Watts. Conversion is VxA = watts 12Volts x 7Amps = 84 Watts DC So You can get at least 10 Gridseeds on that power supply which would equal 70 watts without worrying about losses, heat buildup, etc.

    2. rerouted

      Gridseeds take ~7 WATTS not amps. Therefore a Gridseed not volt modded would draw about .6 amps. (A * V) = W

  24. Dan

    I had problems with the highoncoins image always wanting to reboot every 3-5 min so I went back to the normal rasbian image. While trying to figure out how to get it to restart I read about cpuminer no does individual chip tuning, can handle the new blades AND the hash rate display works too.
    Here is the command line I used to get it going with my 5 gridseeds:

    ./minerd –gc3355=/dev/ttyACM0,/dev/ttyACM1,/dev/ttyACM2,/dev/ttyACM3,/dev/ttyACM4… –gc3355-autotune –gc3355-chips=5 –freq=850 –url=stratum+tcp://pool.com:3333 –userpass=me:2

    Now if I can just figure out how to have it auto start and maybe use sha256 at the same time I would be in heaven.

  25. Jean Chevalier

    Using your image file and my lonely gridseed plug directly into the pi got 360 kh. No device seen when gridseed plug in two different usb hub. Gridseed does not power on with the cctv power brick and cables.Thanks for your very good works.

  26. Jean Chevalier

    Install xrdp on PI : sudo apt-get install xrdp
    then add the following line to the beginning of the mine.sh file in the /root directory: /etc/init.d/xrdp start
    Access the PI GUI from my xubuntu machine with: rdesktop -u root -p your password PI IP adress

  27. Billy K

    First of all, thanks for this post!
    i wanted to ask, i have a closet with electricity socket in it, what do you think about storing a tower of grid seed inside a closet?
    From what Im seeing they are not getting too hot and don’t really need the “fresh air”, this could solve me a lot of noise that I’m getting from it.


    1. Max Lee Post author

      That should be fine so long as you have a small fan pulling in air or out, a small PC fan drilled into the closet door will do.

  28. Scott

    Someone in reddit recommended bailing wire instead of zip ties. I say its a bad idea having conducting wire so close to a multi layer pcb. Better solution would be cheap trimmer string or fishing line, IMO.

    1. MM

      AI5: Could you post the md5 hash of the img file? I could not get it to display anything on my terminal so I’m wondering if I had a bad download (twice). Thanks.

      1. Max Lee Post author

        Sorry my server locks up when doing MD5 hash of the file (as it takes a lot of CPU power for large files) but if you can open the zip file you downloaded without error, it means the file is 100% good.

        1. MM

          Oops, I meant the md5 hash of the *zip* file (that contains the img file). For some reason, the burned img will not run on any of my pies. Or maybe its running but I just cant see it on the hdmi->vga terminal. I also downloaded the blade version and that does not run on any of my pies too. I want to play with it more to figure it out but first want to make sure I’m working with a valid img hence the md5 hash. Or sha1, sha256 will do fine too. Just something to verify the downloaded file. Thanks.

            1. MM

              Yes Max. Using sandisk 8g sdhc class 10. I have 4 pies running. I can burn your image no problem but when I try to boot it, I cant see it on my monitor. My monitor is plugged into the hdmi port using a hdmi->vga adapter. The same thing happens with your blade image too. Did you modify anything on the image to shut off the hdmi port? or maybe something in boot/config.txt? When I have time, I’ll plug an ethernet cable and see if I can ssh in. It may be running but I just cant see it on the hdmi monitor. Any thoughts?

  29. Paul

    Still no luck on pulling img. Both links above error out. Any way to get a hold of the img file?. Thanks

  30. Paul

    No Dice. Tried from 3 Different Networks. 3 Different servers.. They all fail. If you get me the image, I’ll post it in one of my datacenters (if you wish that is) N/C.

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Sorry my new openssh update caused some kind of bug and sometimes downloads are not working correctly on the mirror servers but the vip servers are free all you have to do is register for a free account, you won’t have this problem/conversation.

  31. Mr Hobbits

    Just wanted to post an important note for those of you using OSX and using the Terminal commands for SSH.

    It’s important that you type the command and specify the username, otherwise it assumes your name and you’ll never get in.

    Example of a successful login:

    MyMacBook:~ MrHobbits$ ssh -l root 192.168.0.XXX
    root@192.168.0.XXX's password:
    Linux raspberrypi 3.10.25+ #622 PREEMPT Fri Jan 3 18:41:00 GMT 2014 armv6l

    Hope this helps someone. 🙂

  32. Michael

    I am completly new to raspberry pi model b, I bought one from micro center and i am trying to get my greedseeds working on them for efficienty. I was able to load the software from raspberry and got raspberry stuff working. I am using a 42 vizio at a moniter as it is the only thing i have with a hdmi in put. So, i i can verify that the pi does in fact work. I bought a seperate 16gb class 10 sd card and downloaded your ini file and wrote it to the sd card. I inserted it into the pi and powered it up. I am pretty sure that the pi is working i am just no getting any video to the tv now. I am using a 10 port usb hub to run the mouse keyboard and one gridseed until i get everything working and build the towers. Is there anything in the programming that would be preventing video output? also you made mention of a remote access to the pi via a home network or program could you give me a quick rundown of how to gain access to the pi this way? Any help would be greatly appricated and once i get this working i will throw some btc your way.

    1. Cy

      To Michael
      Until Max gets to you here is what I would suggest this. I used a clean SD card and loaded the image and then find the ip address to the Raspberry on your router screen. Load Putty on your computer ( I use Ubuntu but what ever you use it should work) Then on Putty put the IP address in on the section that says “Session”, click okay and that should take you to a screen that asks for “log In…. (if it doesn’t take you there then you have the wrong IP address for the Raspberry) At log in type the word Root…. It will then ask for the password the password is Raspberry… That will take you to the same screen as you would have with a screen plugged into the HDMI plug.

      There are some commands that you will need to know to modify once you are there.

      Type in sh test.sh (there is a space between sh and test)
      the response from the PI should be EXISTS (this will happen once the PI is running) if it says fail then wait a min or two for the PI to finish loading. Once you get “EXISTS”

      Type in CGM and that will take you to the mining screen of CGMiner

      To modify the settings type q on the mining screen and then at the prompt
      Type nano /root/cgminer/cgminer.conf (there is a space between nano and /root/……….etc..) (BE SURE TO SELECT THE RIGHT Y-N and SAVE etc.)

      After you get things working how you want then do this to enable auto restart
      type q on the CGMiner screen and then when your at the prompt type:

      nano /ect/cron.d/saupdate (again a space between nano and /)

      when there delete the # at the begining of the line

      When your all set type in CGM and go back to the CGMiner screen (It takes a few for the Raspberry to re-boot so be patient like twenty seconds or so.

      Good luck,, It’s fun and the img does work just fine

    2. Matthew

      If using windows you can d/l and use PuTTY to SSH into the raspi, though you have to know the IP it is on (the IP you can get from your home router) – This also assumes the raspi has booted and receive IP from DHCP. PuTTY is easy to find, but as with anything make sure it is D/L from the home site – http://www.putty.org/

      Once installed, IP entered for an SSH connection, then you just use your root login, which is probably raspberry.

      Also a very valuable tool to have is WinSCP which let’s you manage files on the raspi remotely (Via SSH also) inside a fairly nice GUI. That app is super as it allows uploading a new mining program by drag’n’drop. I also can edit scripts more easily without using a *nix term editor like nano.

      I also recommend as you get more comfortable looking at different miners. I am using siklon’s CPUminer lately which does gridseed and esp blades very well and stable these days. (https://github.com/siklon/cpuminer-gc3355)

      Anything else I’ll try to answer if someone else doesn’t me to it.

        1. Cy

          Is there a program that’s easy to use on Ubuntu for managing files on the raspi remotely (Via SSH also)? I don’t go on microsoft too often and I assume winscp is a windows only deal.

          1. weasel5i2

            If you’re in *nix, you can simply use scp. It probably exists at /bin/scp.

            From a shell , try scp –help for more info. 🙂

    3. Max Lee Post author

      That 16GB could give you trouble, try using 8GB SD if you can if you cannot connect your DVI.

      1. Michael

        i am using windows 7 x64. ok so i was able to ssh in. i was able to setup my pool. i am using coinmine.pw for testing, when i went to start the miner it did not start. all of my gridseeds have been volt moded by soldering the 2 contacts so it should run at 404kh. i set the rasberry at 950 i will try to back it off to 850 to see if it has an effect. i know cgminer has an option to change the volt to 1 i did not see that option in the ini file. do i need to change something? I also tried the ini file on a 8gb c6 sd card that came with the raspberry. i still hade no video. ill keep playing with .

        1. Cy

          To Michael…. it is more important than important to enter in your mining info exactly as it’s shown on Max’s video when you see how he’s entered the info on the screen with… ” [ ] , { } spaces etc. If you miss one or put one in the wrong place your miner won’t start. CHECK THAT VERY CAREFULLY then check again.

          Second… under the miner information there is the number 850 in his stock image for the seeds. That would be where you can try 875, 900 925 etc. By default Max has it set already at 850.

          Why not start with one seed and add after you get one running the rig will see each added seed as you plug them in. I think it’s programmed to see on the stock image every 30 seconds. Can’t remember cause I changed mine.
          Good luck Michael let me know how it goes.

          1. Michael


            I picked up a 8gb c10 sandisk ultra and wrote the ini file to it and put it into pi.

            ok, so hooking the pi to my tv requires me to ssh in using putty and do a sudo reboot and then my tv picks up the video output. I later found a moniter that i could hook it up to and it picked it up right away.

            I didnt change any of the setting and basically mined for someone for a few minutes to make sure my it worked and it did. I then used WinSCP http://winscp.net/eng/docs/free_ssh_client_for_windows to modify the pool info since i could copy and paste i was sure everything was correct. and walla everything works good now.

            So i hope i am able to help anyone else that may have had these issues.

        2. Michael

          I have 4 rigs running, 2 comps and 2 pis, I decided for simplicity i invested in a kvm switch, which is great because i can use it with one mouse, one keyboard and one monitor to control all 4 rigs. so with this kvm switch it needs a vga input. If you look up a Pi view adapter on microcenter or ebay it should come up it is an hdmi to vga adapter they go for around 30.00 or much more by other manufactures. reviews have shown that the pi view will work with other applications as well. so with my pi views and the kvm switch i have eliminated the no display issue.

          However, on my first pi i am noticing that it will randomly stop working, it coincides with my modem shutting down, sometimes. (another problem i am hoping google will fix shortly) When i get my modem reset the second pi starts hashing, and my two computers start hashing again, but i have to reboot pi 1 and command it to start. I have edited the two lines of code to where it is supposed to all be automatic. I have the same sandisk 8gb c10 cards that have been shown in the videos. I will continue working on this issue.

          Now, being that i have 0 knowledge of programming, i am wanting to start learning about it. Does anyone know if the downloaded .ini file is based on python programming? or something else? Aside from youtube does anyone know a good place to get started with programming Pi’s and info related to this sort of programming? In the end i would like to contribute to the community and not just be an end user thanks for any help.

  33. Randy

    Quick question, I have 20 GS’s each on 2 Pis. I did the April 30th update with slub_debug=FP and everything worked fine, but lately the GS’s run about 8 hours or so and then go completely offline, no restart and I have to unplug the each Pi and reset.

    Anyone have any thoughts or have this issue? Should I re-download the img file and try it again. I’m using the 8GB sd card and everything else is the same.


    1. Max Lee Post author

      I had that happen o one of my rigs it seems like if u use cheap class 2 SD cards they can cause this hangup so try using a good class 10 SD card and should not happen.

  34. Randy

    They’re both the San Disk 8Gb Class 10 UHS cards. I just purchased two new SD’s and will re-download the img when they arrive. I’ll report out when I reimage everything.


    1. Michael

      Hey randy, I just bought a book called learning python programming with raspberry pi, I was skimming through the first couple of pages talking about the setup. It was talking about 2 things that usualy cause problems 1 being the SD card, and 2 being insufficient power supply. I am running the same sd cards that you have. My pi 1 has 20 GS and my pi 2 only have 13 (the last 6 are in the mail before i start buying blades). My pi1 is the one that randomly shuts off sometime with out the modem acting up. (see my previous post). I have a bunch of new shorter usb cables on thier way when i rewire them i a, going to split them equally to see if the problem moves to both pi’s or goes away completely. So as far as my power goes i am running 2 powered usb hubs per pi, on both of them i do not plug in the power cable that comes with it, i let the usb hubs power my Pi’s and so far one hangs up and one does not. A side note i burned up one of my inland 10 port hubs. i have one of the same hubs pluged into pi1 and just the inland 13 port hubs in pi 2. im gona play around with my configurations to see if i can get my problem to move. Hope this helps.

      1. Randy


        I changed out the SD card on the first one and it seems to be stable for right now. I am running a Corsair PSU, so that shouldn’t be the problem. I lost the other 20 GS configuration, it goes down every 36 to 48 hours. I am going to use the new SD card and reimage that one and see if it stays up. The other new SD seemed to help the issue as it hasn’t gone down for a while.


        1. Max Lee Post author

          Try running 16 GS at most, I find going above 16 is what makes it instable. Rasp Pi has its hardware limits, it’s not a full-out computer but a system-on-chip made for small projects.

  35. Kenneth

    How many Gridseed should I start with?

    You talk about a FAN, where is that located in the video?

    1. Michael

      Hello Kenneth, There is no set amount of gridseeds you must have to start with. In fact i would start with 1 and leave the fan on the gridseed. Once you get the one working you can add more easily. The point behind building the towers is efficiency and noise. when you get 4 or more they start getting loud, luckly mine are in the basement so i do not have to listen to them. A watt meter can be your best friend as far as becoming efficient. Each fan on the gridseed consumes about 4 watts. multiply that by 20 gridseeds and you are consuming 40 watts + if you are not running a pi you have to add a computer watt to that and i had a small unit that was running around 90w just being turned on. so that is 130w that is basically doing nothing. so as my setup stands now 32 gridseeds 12 still have the fans on them, 2 pi’s and 2 personal fans i am running right around 160w. In the video when he is showing his setup, to the left of the two towers there is a small black fan blowing the air across the two towers. I setup mine up a little different. i bought a walmart shoe rack and put the fan underneath them blowing up through the fins, however i found that the top 3 gridseeds in each stack were getting a little warmer than i wanted so i bought an extra fan to blow across the top 6. mine are running 29 degrees Celsius. I do not like to let them get above45-50.

  36. Jeremy

    Thanks for this great write up. I plan on getting started with this and a raspberry pi soon.

    Do you have any experience with mining with the wireless nic cards for the raspberry pis?

  37. EBK1000

    I am running 4 * Gridseed orb miners with cgminer 3.7.2 as supplied by HighOnCoins.com image for Raspberry PI. I ran it with three Gridseeds and it works perfectly. I then added a fourth and it shows up in cgminer but the fourth Gridseed does not appear to do any work. The hashrate in cgminer is shown as 1.44 MH/s but as can be seen from the screen shot it does not get any work?? Does anyone know anything about this?? I have tried to reset etc.

    1. Michael

      I would swap the power source and cabling with another GS to see if the problem moves. if is does not you may have a bad unit. If the problem moves then you may have a bad power supply or usb cable. I had one gridseed that quit working, it was not getting any power, the leds would not turn on and i though i had burned it up, i put it solo on my test rig and it fired up no problem. so i put it back in the lineup and it started working no problem. i never did find a bad cable or power plug, as i have custom harness running off of a 750w corsair. I also had an older red GS with the switch on the side, i got off of flea bay, it show it was hashing but nothing ever got accecpted, so i wrote it off as a loss. Also make sure that you are using powered usb hubs. Also looking at the image you supplied, you had a small amount of accepted shares, i am guessing you only had it running for a few minutes, let it run for about 20 – 40 minutes. if it does not show any accecpted shares or a lot of HW errors then you know you have a problem.

  38. EBK1000

    In the cgminer.conf file there are three pools listed? Is this for backup and the primary pool is on the top lines??

  39. Ed

    I am using the 8GB official Raspberry Pi SD card, and when formatted, it’s only 7.3GB while the image file is 7.35GB. I’ve tried formatting it with different programs, and even used diskpart to re-partition, but it seems to only be 7.3GB. I’ve also adjusted the allocation unit size while formatting, and I can’t get above 7.3GB.

    Can anyone tell me how large an 8GB SD card “should” be when formatted? Do I just need to upgrade to 16GB, or should I get a different 8GB card? Any chances that another 8GB will format to only 7.3? I can afford a 16GB card, so if that’s the best way to play it safe, I’ll just go that route.

    1. Michael

      Hello Ed, my self and others, including the origional author of the highoncoins video use a sandisk ultra 8GB class 10 sd card i have 4 of these: http://www.microcenter.com/product/390995/8GB_Class_10_Secure_Digital_High_Capacity_-_Ultra_High_Speed-I_%28SDHC_-_UHS-I%29_Flash_Media_Card_SDSDU-008G-A11 , I went to https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/ and downloaded sd formatter 4.0 open this program you can select the drive for which your sd card is, then under options/format type i chose FILL (erase), and format size adjustment ON. Then i wrote the ini file to the sd card with win 32 disk imager. most of the stock cards for PI are Class 4, I would sugest a class10 anything less seem to be glitchy and buggy. look on the raspberry card it will either have a 4, 6, 8, or 10 with a circle around it this will tell you what class it is. The sd card that came with my pi was auctually a micro sd in an adapter, the auctual card should have the number. if it is a class 10 8gb try formatting it with sd formatter 4 and see if it will open up the space, if not the sandisks are deffinantly worth 15 bucks.

      1. Ed

        The kit I ordered from Amazon was from Canakit. They have the 5.1V power supply (not 5V) and they even comment on how it’s been designed specifically to work with the RPi to deliver consistent voltage under all workloads. After reading about power issues some people had, I decided to go with their kit. For just $10 more, you get an SD card and HDMI cable, so I went with the second tier kit. The RPi developers talk about how their SD card (though class 4) is a cut above many SD cards which are designed for use in cameras, and they claim it out performs many class 4, 6 and even some class 10 cards. So I figured, why not… Well, it seems that they format smaller than the average 8GB card 🙁

        I happened to have a 32GB Lexar Class 10 Micro SD lying around in an Android phone that I’ve retired, so I used that instead, and I am now up and running. I may replace it with an 8GB SD card next week, and I’ll get the one you linked to.

        So a warning to anyone else who’s considering the RPi branded SD card. Stay away. I am going to play with it some more to see if I can format it to 7.35GB or larger, but I am not optimistic.

        I am up and running with my RPi and it was so much easier and hassle-free than GPUs and even easier than gridseeds on a PC. Cheers to the person who put together this SD card image. It’s like butter!

        1. Michael

          Hi , ED you can go to the micro center website and order just the raspberri pi and SD cars, i am lucky enough to have one close, right now the PI are on sale for 30.00 and the sd cards are 15.0 I dont use a power supply, with my 13port powered usb seems to be enough to keep it running. inland had a 13port hub for around 30-40 dollars but it seems that it has been recalled, so i bought 3 qvs 13 port hubs to replace the 3 inland hubs, ( suposedly they were recalled because they caught fire, i have not had an issue with mine so they will continue to work until i do.) I also decided for stability that i would only run 10 GS per PI.

          What kind of setup are you building if you dont mind me asking?

          1. Ed

            I picked up 5 orbs from eBay for $70 each with power, USB cable, and USB hub. It’s only a 7 port USB hub, so after 2 more orbs, I’ll need another USB hub. I am thinking of either 12 or 16 orbs per Pi. I didn’t know there was instability issues after 10. I have 4:1 power supply splitters on order, and 5 total 7amp power supplies, so I can scale to 20 orbs with just another USB hub or two. I’d like to go in increments of 4 due to the splitters. I have plans to add a Gridseed Blade and another Pi to control it.

            I just noticed that my hash rate at the pool was declining, so I opened an SSH and saw all my orbs hashing just fine, but one of them had obviously lower ACCEPTED, and while watching, it never got any accepted shares in over 5 minutes while all the others did. I didn’t know how to stop the script and restart it, so I just rebooted from SSH.

            Is there a way to stop and restart CGMiner via command prompt? How about a way to automatically restart it every 6 hour via script?

            I run CGWatcher on my windows GPU rigs and I have it set to restart every 6 hours to avoid any weird issues.

            1. Michael

              I think you can 16-17 on one pie no problem, i have run into a 10-12 MH wall and i am not sure why. I have 10gs on each of 3 pi’s. total they should be around 12.6mh.
              I ran that for a few days with no disconnect problems. they would average between 10-12mh. I added a 4 pi with 2 gs, after a day, no gain, i added 4 more pies to pi4 with no improvement on my reported hash rate. so total i should be 13.9 or so and it is still showing 10-12. so i am not sure what is going on. at least my internet is doing better, i was having to reset it every couple of hours, i found 2 gs that were acting up so i pulled them out of the system. im not sure what to do at this point.

  40. Chris

    I’m getting Failed to resolve(?wrong URL) errors on all the pools I setup. I even tried rewriting the image and using the ones that were listed originally after seeing Michael mention testing things that way. It gave the same errors. Are those addresses invalid now or does it suggest something specific is wrong. One thing I’ve tried is trading the wallet address for the username.workername that my pools showed in their setup guides. I don’t know which is the correct choice here. If anyone has any suggestions, I’ve checked the addresses repeatedly since that sounds like the problem but maybe someone else has seen this before. Thanks for this info Max. If I can get this to work I will definitely send you some coins.

      1. Chris

        Yes! I have plugged and unplugged things too many times. I forgot the internet but now I am successfully mining!

      2. Chris

        My two little gridseeds are mining approx 700 kh/s. I’m sending you some Dogecoin. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned!

  41. raph

    Hi zedo, when i connect more of 1 gridseed my raspberry work only 5 minutes and freeze and i have to mannuelly restart

    How can i fix that plz ?

    1. Max Lee Post author

      MANDATORY UPDATE April 30th 2014: There’s a way to prevent freezing Raspberry Pi for good, do:

      sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

      Then add the line at the end of the line (do not make a new line!!):


      After that reboot by typing:

      sudo reboot

      This prevented most of reboots on the Raspberry Pi so you should get more hashing power!

  42. Denz

    Great idea the gridseed tower and great software. Everything works, was up and running in about half and hour. I do have a problem on step 12, I type in nano /ect/cron.d/saupdate and there is nothing there. Any ideas?

  43. xFanth

    Hello, thanks for the guide, it is great – one thing however. How would I set it up so that the CGMiner screen comes up automatically? I have tried adding “cgm” to some of the startup files to no avail.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Try step 12, that will start cgminer background, you will still need to type cgm to access the cgminer but it is automatically running cgminer in the background.

  44. Robin

    couple of quick questions…

    1. If I want to give the raspberry pi a static ip address of say where would I edit this?

    2. Is there any remote monitoring agents installed like cgremote / hashra / etc? I would like to be able to monitor all my rigs from my main windows pc, and not have to login to each pi to check it.

    Everything is working great! Thanks for everything


  45. franksterling

    Hi Max,

    Can I use the splitter with this kind of power adaptor?

    I already have two of these, as much as possible I dont wanna buy the CCTV adaptor, just the splitter.

  46. Flink

    HI MAx,
    Thx for your tutorial, but I still need help :(, at the point 12 that command doesn’t works. Can u help me ?
    Kisses from French Guiana !

    1. Flink

      Ok I’ve solved my problem. For the 12th point , you need to quit with “q” cgm then type the line :
      nano /etc/cron.d/saupdate
      normaly it will work after that 🙂

  47. teky

    whenever i type cgm get error message There is no screen to be attached matching cgm; though sh.test.sh result is failed not sure whats wrong followed all instructions as mentioned


    1. Flink

      When you type “sh test.sh” and it says FAILED, it means that’s successful. Now you’re problem with cgm is maybe that you modified something you shouldn’t.

      1. Max Lee Post author

        Double check your config files. You can manually run Cgminer by typing “sh mine.sh” instead of “sh test.sh”

  48. Sultan

    i use CPU miner with my gridseed in my laptop and it work fine..
    did cgminer work same cpuminer
    another thing can i change from cgminer to cpuminer..
    thank you

  49. Tom

    Hi !

    I think the HighOnCoins Gridseed image with Pre-built CGminer not compatible is with Raspberry B+ …
    Can someone help me to find an other tutorial to make run my gridseed’s with raspberry B+ ?

    Thank you all !

  50. worker g

    is it necessary to update the cgminer to latest version ?

    how can i update my cgminer after i ssh to my raspberry pi?

    or is there any better program to use than cgminer ?


  51. worker g

    need help and newbie here

    i m running cgminer with 5 x gridseed asic usb miners on a raspberry
    the raspberry can recognize all my 5 miners but the fifth one doesn’t look like accepting any mining task?
    if u see below, the A , R , HW, and WU are all zero on GSD4 miner.
    any one know what the issue is and how can i fix it
    any suggestion is much appreciated Huh

    [P]ool management ettings [D]isplay options [Q]uit
    GSD 0: 6D9133704857 850 MHz | 360.4K/360.9Kh/s | A:3840 R:0 HW:0 WU:3.9/m
    GSD 1: 6D6E23704857 850 MHz | 360.4K/360.8Kh/s | A:5184 R:0 HW:0 WU:4.4/m
    GSD 2: 6D7A268C4857 850 MHz | 360.4K/361.4Kh/s | A:3712 R:0 HW:0 WU:3.8/m
    GSD 3: 6D99149D5455 850 MHz | 360.4K/361.3Kh/s | A:5760 R:0 HW:5 WU:3.9/m
    GSD 4: 6D9315AA5455 850 MHz | 360.4K/361.3Kh/s | A: 0 R:0 HW:0 WU:0.0/m

    [2017-06-12 11:57:14] Accepted d5824bc7 Diff 307/64 GSD 1
    [2017-06-12 11:57:19] Accepted 0321148d Diff 82/64 GSD 0
    [2017-06-12 11:57:21] Accepted 010cf60a Diff 244/64 GSD 3
    [2017-06-12 11:57:23] Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart
    [2017-06-12 11:57:27] Accepted 01b2d2ca Diff 151/64 GSD 1
    [2017-06-12 11:57:29] Accepted 031338bc Diff 83/64 GSD 2
    [2017-06-12 11:57:29] Accepted 083b281c Diff 7.96K/64 GSD 3
    [2017-06-12 11:57:29] Accepted 039ed61c Diff 71/64 GSD 1
    [2017-06-12 11:57:29] Accepted 013212bd Diff 214/64 GSD 2

    thank you

    1. HVN

      How long did you let the miners run before noting the fifth one was not mining?

      Before the miners start mining, a bitstreem needs to be uploaded into the chips, this could take some time (sometimes it takes up to 7-10 minutes).

  52. Antonio R

    So do i not need to have raspian in order to flash this to my pi? Will this just take care of everything that I need without installing raspian?

  53. jason

    I’ve been so hooked on your videos trying to figure out how to program my raspberry pi3 your way and i just cant figure it out, i cant seem to get files from SD to the pi, when i take the start up SD out and put new sd mining in nothing happens, do you sell pre installed software for raspberry pi 3 for your gridseeds i have and some 15ghs usbs i have as well.

  54. malyopa

    Hi there
    Is there a way to make this work on raspberry pi 3, i have tried pretty much everything and i cant get the image to work.

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