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22Mh/s Litecoin Rig Cooling Using Duct Fans!

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Here’s a quick update on my Litecoin crate rigs.  When I first started running rigs, I have them all over my house, which resulted in my house warming up from the normal 70 degrees fahrenheit to near 80 degrees fahrenheit.

Well, I did upgrade electricity in my garage couple weeks back and moved all my rigs into my garage now and for awhile it was doing fine.  When I started adding more rigs to my garage, my garage started feeling like Thailand (yes, that country between earth and the sun)!

Since I live few blocks away from the Pacific Ocean here in SF Bay Area, I knew the simple solution was to pull the cold air from the outside into my garage.

Now, I did a test of also pushing air out of my garage but found it was ineffective as the amount of air to move out of the garage is too much versus pulling cold air in.  Now, my garage stays around 75 degrees, just a bit warmer and it’s actually nice in my garage to hang out whereas before it was too cold.

I may further enhance my cooling system in the future by building an enclosed system sorta like hydroponics but for now, the vent fans do good enough job of keeping my rigs under 80 degrees fahrenheit while running near 100% load (on 290X graphic cards doing 880Kh/s each).

If you are thinking about cooling using vent fans, definitely check out some of these vent fans and vent ducts I used.  They are really easy to setup, pretty much plug-and-play.

I bought two of these nice Hydrofarm Active Air inline 6-inch fans doing 400 CFM each, hooked up to 6-inch Y duct splitter that splits into 2 4-inch ducts.

I was using a bunch of regular Honeywell fans before this setup but the problem with that setup is that the garage keeps getting hotter and hotter.  The new duct fan setup lets my machines run a lot cooler as there’s actually really cool air being pushed directly to the graphic cards and my garage doesn’t get so hot.

I think the smaller fans or box-type fans work fine for 1 or 2 rigs but once you go beyond that you may need to setup some type of cold air intake (or even pull air out of the room) to make your rigs run efficiently.

Overall, I am doing 22Mh/s with 6 rigs, 4 of those rigs are sitting in my garage each with 5 R9 290X graphic cards.  I should be upgrading soon though as I have more graphic cards coming next week and will have an update soon when I have my new rigs built.

In the meanwhile, if you have some great cooling ideas, please don’t forget to share them with everyone else by using the comment box below, thanks!

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15 thoughts on “22Mh/s Litecoin Rig Cooling Using Duct Fans!

  1. juan

    what u think about this


    its less cost + GH/S

    less power consuption


    1. Max Lee Post author

      def. not worth it as bitcoin difficulty is rising exponentially meaning you will be lucky to make a dollar a day with this in couple weeks.

    2. aseibt

      Looking at the above link for the Antminor, it stated 1.6Gh/s. Am I reading this wrong? How many do you need to make that rate?
      (Specs: Default hash rate: 1.6 GH/s, over clock by command Power consumption: 2 W on USB 5V @ 1.6G Power supply: 5 V DC input Size: 60 mm x 25 mm x 20 mm)

  2. William

    Hi Max,
    Good stuff!
    How do you protect (or check) your rigs from a virus? Someone hijacked my graphic cards to mine for them. I was using Windows 7. I had to make some major changes. Also Kolivas has taken down most of his Windows zip files for CGMiner. Can you use Ubuntu 13.04 to mine? Folks say it is impervious to a virus, hijack, or whatever.

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Ubuntu gets no viruses plus runs more efficiently than windows, I’ve got all my rigs running on USB flash drives using Ubuntu I would def. not use Windows. Se my Ubuntu cgminer tutorial on this site.

      1. aseibt

        Hi Max,

        I have watched your tutorials. Thank you for the information. In your tutorial you said to load your img on the flash drive and then load it to a clean hard drive. I thought you ran all apps from a bootable usb?

  3. Andrew Gallagher

    SMOS Linux is an optimized Linux based on Debian, running right from the USB-Stick.
    There are specific Images for ATI and NVIDIA Cards. You can check it out here:


    1. aseibt

      LTC Rabbit has their own flavor for SMOS. Boots right to their site and starts mining. I’m trying this method to see how solid it is.

  4. Sho

    Hi there,

    Do you get black screen issue on R9 290x ? I have got 3x Sapphire R9 290x and randomly get Black screen.

    Motherboard: Asus Saberthooth R2
    Psw: Coolar Master Silent Pro Gold – 1200W

    Thanks for your advise.

  5. Tim

    Not so sure pumping outside air (since you live close to the sea) is such a good idea. Over time corrosion will build up on your systems.

  6. koyking

    Lol, I’m Thai,yes my country is very hot, and I’m running mining rig in my own room in the summer!

  7. Rj

    I’ve been looking at getting a ASIC bitcoin miner for while but the prices of them are definitely a shock, plus most places dont deliver on their promises. I came across your litecoin build on youtube. I have a couple questions,
    Are there any ASIC litecoin miners out?
    Whats the best route to go for best R.O.I for a litecoin system. I would like to build a stand alone unit that wil just run 24/7 and it’s reliable.

  8. Billir

    I live in cooler climate and except for our long summer days when the weather gets near 30 degrees C it is possible to cool providing you have a system that respects the principle of “return air”.
    That is if you draw cool air from some source (outside) then you must be able to exhaust the warmed air out of the area.
    I have 10 cards running in my well insulated garage – If there is no fresh air coming in it will heat to near 30 degrees C when the outside temperature is around 10 -15 C.
    What I have done – I never had an attic entrance in the ceiling so I cut one in. The roof has 4 vents in the peak so the hot air now has a place to travel to. Did not work very well until I opened the garage door a couple of inches. Yay – the garage started to cool.
    Further – because I did not like leaving the garage door open to the public alley – I cut two holes into the wall that has a leanto green house attached, One at floor level and one at the top level of the greenhouse. The green house is not that well sealed and it has some vents to the outside in it.
    What happens now – The garage will get fresh air flow from the lower hole to the green house. The heat from the cards will vent to 2 differnt places – through the attic entrance hole and through the upper level green house hole.
    So the best thing about this system is I get warming in the greenhouse at cooler times so our tomatoes seed will germinate and grow without fear of getting frozen. Needless to say I don’t pay to heat my garage or greenhouse any more.
    Hope this is helpful for those that want to try to recycle the energy from the mining operations.


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