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Open Air Frame for Mining Rigs [Now on Sale!]

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I know many of you guys are building mining rigs and probably looking for a good rig frame.

Well, since my last post on DIY wooden frame, I’ve decided to start selling them, so you can focus on making rigs instead of spending a whole day making the frame. I know the first time I made one, it took me a whole day designing, cutting wood, and putting the screws together.

Some of you may not have power tools nearby or perhaps you don’t want to deal with any wood cutting. So, you can buy these, fully-assembled and ready to go for up to 6 graphic cards, 2 power supplies, and great air-flow.

These are 100% assembled open air frames made out of 3/4-inch square wood, we’ve just opened our online store, so check it out here:


Currently, we are only shipping them to U.S. customers but we do offer international shipping for customers ordering in bulk (more than 5).

If you are interested in ordering bulk, shoot me an e-mail at sales@openairframe.com, we can ship you disassembled frames (you can easily assemble a frame in about 5 minutes) with screws so you can save big on shipping.

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