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Coin of the Week! [Millionairecoin, Pyramidscoin, CryptoWon]

For those of you wondering what coins to mine/invest this week, here’s my picks:

  • Millionairecoin – Launching today, this X11 coin might be good since there’s only 1 million coins involved, start mining at Mil.Pool.Mn!  This coin is already on the market at Poloniex.
  • Pyramidscoin – Launching tomorrow, this X11 coin is PoW only, you may be able to profit if you mine during launch or invest when it lists on the market.
  • CryptoWon – Launching Tuesday June 10th, CryptoWon is slightly-funky coin based on North Korea, labor period (PoW) is only for a week, miners/investors who get in early could see some good profits.

Also Watcoin and Flashcoin are launching later this week, keep on eye on those!

Last week, I mined a ton of Honorcoins with my 18 graphic card rigs, made around 380K Honorcoins, which are worth near 4-5 BTC atm.  I think that was my best mining efforts so far, couple thousand bucks for just 24 hours of mining. (Cost me $50 in electricity for 24 hours)

If you really want to get ahead of the mining curve, you really need to throw away your ASIC miners today (just dump them on eBay).  If you look at all Scrypt coins, most of them are dying slow death due to influx of ASIC miners.

On the other hand, you could make a ton with graphic card rigs with X11/X13 coins right now.  I do predict another price jump with AMD graphic cards in couple months, just like it did last year and also the year before in 2012 with original Bitcoin miners.

I almost sold off all my rigs couple months back when ASICs came out on the market but I am glad I kept them as they are now making more money than ASICs.  Moral of the story?  Stick with your original plan, there will always be coins you can only mine with graphic card rigs.  I see all the ASIC companies literally going out of business atm, I think that’s good for miners, and no more scammy products that lose value 5X months after buying them. (My gridseeds are worth 5X times less than what I paid for 3 months back, my graphic card rigs are still worth near 75% of what I paid for after 6 months!)

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18 thoughts on “Coin of the Week! [Millionairecoin, Pyramidscoin, CryptoWon]

  1. Colin

    After mining each coin upon launch how do you decide whether to dump when it opens on exchange or hold back or dump some and keep rest held etc. I am trying to learn when it’s best dump or hold coins. I understand it’s everyone’s decision though any tips you use would be helpful.

    Thanks great content as usual.

  2. zsar

    Thanks for the heads up Max!!! I’m mining MIL atm, let’s see how much can I make with this coin *crossfingers* 😀


    Hello, I went to whatmine.com and I saw the newest coin BlueChip. It is x13. I tried to mine it but with zero results. Sgminer crash, give errors or it start and continue to say new block found but not accepted work. I used marucoin as kernel. Same problem happened with another new coin Burnercoin. I followed the guide but the same problems. Burnercoin it is a x13 too.

    Do you have any advice or explication?

    Thank you!

    1. SlitazMint

      What hardware do you have and what have you managed to mine so far? I tried Millionaire Coin (X11 algorithm) but my system crashes after a little bit with Sgminer too.

      I have an AMD HD 6870. What miner software should I be using?

      1. Armando

        ok Great, when we will do? Do you plan when do the hangout? Do a post on google+. I wait your answer!!!!

  4. evoxMiner

    Hey Max,

    Im so high on coins! You really have inspired me to mine coins. I am currently in the process of building a graphics card rig like you suggested. I want to use the Usb risers, and my question is, you said not to plug them in and have them powered, correct?

  5. CryptoCrackaz LLC

    As always we at CCLLC stay high/paid on coins. Been mining godcoin since its recent release, it has yet to hit any exchanges and we were curious if you know of this coin or if its worth continuing to go for? its a limited supply so at 200mh/s x11 and I have .4 so I’m assuming price per coin will be high. but if its dead or dying we are curious how youdetermain that before the Coin hits the exchange? also if the comments above imply a tour of your new compound lol id love to see the place first hand. from your YouTube comments and your choice of node locations when your configs were visable I’m guessing your in Georgia or Florida Possibly the Carolinias but if your east coast based we are based out of Washington DC so a company field trip to the zedomax compund sounds interesting

    1. Max Lee Post author

      “Right now” I would turn off all your rigs, Godcoin looks like another shitcoin. Wait for the right coin that has some features like anonymous transfers, then go all in with your rigs and sell. Last week, mineralscoin was really good, you could have made big profit if you mined all 7 days of PoW.

      I have updates on what I mine on my Twitter http://twitter.com/zedomax.

      I am over in California btw.


    WOW!!!!! Altcoin mining profit of any and all algorithms are absurdly low . I know you just stated this fact above but with I get on power cost being in a commercial building I was able to still make a ve ry small profit. However as of today I too have been forced to turn off all 5 of my rigs 🙁 Thats 30 gpus or $10,000+ of equipment doing nothing but taking up my valuable warehouse space and collecting dust its looking bad real bad. My sha256 asics are still turning a profit however as of today gpu mining is dead 🙁 SAD SAD DAY FOR GPU MINING INDEED


    Max is/was the man when it came to mining rig setups.

    Not sure what happened to him, seems he may have lost interest in it. I haven’t heard from him in over a year although a lot of the info on this site is still helpful albeit a little outdated. 😉

  8. mat

    Whatupppp.. so I am brand new to the crypto world. I got in about 2 weeks ago with the bitcoin lightcoin hype. But I have fallen balls deep in buying and selling. started with 400 bucks and ran it up to 1700 where I sit now. and I have a goal of 10 gs in a month. I have been watching youre videos and I love em dude. you are very insightful. any tips on where to buy and how much. I currently hold ltc. got in on xvg at 5 cents and sold at 15 and dropped into xrp. not sure where to go now.. any advice would be greatlyyyyyy appreciated. stay high on coins my dude!!

  9. Ezekiel Thuss

    Was following your individual your site mails because long and seemed to be eager to see the final product, and it is just mind-blowing.



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