ChainCoin #FrontLine WALL and #ReserveArmy GREAT WALL!

For those just tuning in, we have 3 ways where you can help and defend the castle.

1. If you have no funds just HODL HODL HODL

2. We now have TWO WALLS, the #reservearmy GREAT WALL of HODLERs and #frontlineteam WALL for those of you who want to pick up coins cheap and also put pressure on the sellers.

#frontlineteam WALL – Put your Buy orders at slight below current market price!  Consolidate to the nearest big buy order.This is mostly for those of you who want to buy coins for cheap! DO NOT BUY at MARKET PRICE EVER!

#reservearmy Put BUY ORDERS at 0.00065BTC or 0.03 LTC ***This will stop any major dumps. WE ARE BUILDING THE GREAT WALL of HODLERs!! (If you have extra Chaincoins, sell off a little bit and put them on our BUY WALL. Please only sell from the sell order book and no more than 100 coins at a time so you won’t affect the market.)

Guys, we have grown from Top 300 to Top 50 in just matter of a week!  A lot of haters and FUDders are spreading FUD and BS because they want to get on this bandwagon and bring down the prices.  No matter what DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM, it is POWER of the PEOPLE that brought us here today and the PROOF is in our charts, ZOOM OUT and YOU DECIDE WHETHER YOU WANT TO SUPPORT US OR NOT.  THANK YOU and STAY HIGH!

The new ChainCoin HODLER website is here:

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