#Bitcoin Repeating Bump & Run Pattern, WHY YOU SHOULD GET SOME $BTC TODAY!

We are still up more than 100% from January 1st of 2019, obviously having a pretty good bullish year if you bought into bitcoin earlier in the year.  And history of bitcoin has proven that bitcoin has always doubled or more in the 4th quarter.  As of today October 30th 2019, we are on the right path to bitcoin repeating the same bump & run pattern that happened earlier this year from around $3500 to $13,000.  While we did dip a bit back, we are literally repeating the same “bump & run” pattern and my video will show you exactly what I mean.

Of course, n

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Do Not Use Two Factor Authenticatoin with Bittrex!

UPDATE: This is very old news, Bittrex working pretty good now.  I would still not put all your money on one exchange, always diversify your money in several exchanges and wallets!

My friend recently lost over 2.7 BTC on due to what we think is a vulnerability of TFA (Two Factor Authentication) system on Bittrex or possibly an insider job.

Here’s the story:

Hacker takes a total of 2.7 BTC, 1999 Supercoins, and 45416 Vootcoins out using TFA near midnight July 2nd.

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Hottest Altcoins! (with Tabasco) – Darkcoin, X11coin, Boostcoin, Cinnicoin, Mastiffcoin, Pinkcoin!

Many of you are probably wondering what’s “hot” right now with altcoins in general.

Well,I am in no way a financial expert but I do have spent the last 8 months mining and trading crypto. Here’s some information may be helpful for those who are just starting or have no idea why altcoins prices go up and down.

In my last video, I did recommend to go ALL-IN with Darkcoins. Well, Darkcoins went all the way down to $6 and came back up (today it’s at $15), if you bought up anytime before today and my last video, you probably made some good mone

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