Welcome to HighOnCoins.com, this used to be a website dedicated to helping users making their own DIY Litecoin mining rig back in 2013-2014.

UPDATE: June 24th 2017: I am no longer mining coins as they are not that profitable and very risky, instead I have started trading coins and it has become much better option.  I am slowly converting this website into a helpful resource where you can learn to trade bitcoins and other altcoins.  Subscribe to the new e-mail newsletter to get daily coin picks!

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25 thoughts on “About

  1. M Garg

    Will it be possible for you to fly down to India? We will bear all the expenses along with your fees if any. Please let us know if we can schedule a phone call

  2. efitzhenry

    Man you murdered my pool with that hash power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much hash!

    One of my offices is in SF let me know if I can buy you some lunch!

  3. dave

    hi max thanks for the tutorials. I’ve been following you for a while now. good stuff.
    I have three graphic cards I bought was going to do a miner but found out that the out dated electric cant handle it
    live in a apartment near ny so no option to fix the electric. do you want to buy any graphics cards I have
    7970 GHZ OC 6GB DDR5
    AMD RADEON HD 7950 3GB
    AMD RADEON HD 7950
    powersupply 1050w figured I’d give you first picks if you don’t want it please tell me so I can see if someone else does in the in your forum if thats ok.
    I got the mining running but cant hook up anyother graphics or powersupplies in this apartment. so have to make room. compared to the midwest nyc area is like living in a shoe to me no room

  4. Tim Gicewicz

    Hey there,
    I used your website to successfully launch 8 litecoin mining rigs! Thanks for taking the time to put your skills to the web!

    I’m not sure what your mining finances look like, but if you are interested in converting your mined coins into a cash income stream with 4-5% interest rates, then check out my buddies website: www.bitcoinannuity.com

    My friend just recently launched it and accepts Bitcoins. He got into Bitcoins (by accident) about 3 years ago and bought up a bunch of Bitcoin-related websites before they went mainstream. One of his websites was bitcoinannuity.com, which by the stroke of luck –after the fact– he realized he knew a guy whose business is secondary market annuities. (These are Annuities that were originally held by someone else who decided to sell them for a discounted lump sum payment. It’s all done through the legal system and backed by the big Insurance companies who underwrite the annuity.) Anyhow, he and I figured out that there might be a market for successful miners looking to build a reliable income pipeline with their mined coins. So, I thought I’d drop you a note.

    If you want to inquire further, check out the website and/or leave a comment on the CONTACT page. Include a reference to www.highonlitecoins.com to receive VIP treatment!!!

    Best regards,

  5. c

    I tried your image file with CGMiner for mining with Gridseeds, and was not as successful compared to the consistent Raspian Wheezy with BFGMiner. Just thought I’d pass along the information, as I find your site extremely useful! The only hiccup with Wheezy was the keyboard settings for US v UK. Thank you for all of the wonderful videos. So helpful! Regards, ca

    1. Max Lee Post author

      I am aware of this and I have fixed it, just do this:

      MANDATORY UPDATE April 30th 2014: There’s a way to prevent freezing Raspberry Pi for good, do:

      sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

      Then add the line at the end of the line (do not make a new line!!):


      After that reboot by typing:

      sudo reboot

      This prevented most of reboots on the Raspberry Pi so you should get more hashing power!

  6. wade

    Any advice on darkcoin? Should I hold during the fork? Any idea on when the price will top out? Its June 19th 9:54 pm

  7. lagibson3

    I used ur file img for g blade and nothing happened. I did the same process as zoomhash and it started up. I like your methods better cause I want CGMiner. what did I do wrong? I followed all of the steps but the card just would not work with the raspberry.

    1. Max Lee Post author

      Try using a good SD card, it should boot at the least. That’s the only thing I can think of.

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  10. Nathancrofs

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  11. Justinbuike

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